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Slipknots Corey Taylor Blasts the Grammys

Grammys are horseshit This interview on Machinima ETC. with Corey Taylor has a lot of interesting moments including his reaction to Metallica's issues at the Grammy's

The entire video interview is below:

Here are some of the quotes:
"I feel bad for Metallica. Because at this point in their career, they shouldn't have been disrespected like that."

"All of Metallica's people are not allowed to work on live performance's on television, none of us are. They have a sound producer and a whole crew of people who work on those shows and then your people work right behind them, alright? But you're not allowed to touch anything, which is horseshit because stuff like this then happens."

About Laverne Cox omitting Metallica in the intro

"It was just 'Oh here's Lady Gaga!' Oh, by the way, she's fucking with Metallica, you dick!"

His feelings on award shows

"We don't need your respect, we don't need you to make us feel that we accomplished something, because all you do is open our mouths and shit in it and I'm tired of tasting it. So fuck you dude."

"And by the way, I've won one, so it's not a big deal,"

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    March 01, 2017

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