Check Out New Gojira Video for THE CELL

gojira Gojira have reached a creative peak with Magma, the album that contains the cell. The video for the cell for the cell was directed by Drew Cox who also directed the now famous SILVERA video.

Looking back over the Gojira catalog, you have TERRA INCOGNITA and THE LINK leading into the masterpiece FROM MARS TO SIRIUS which landed them a deal with Roadrunner. Then we saw THE WAY OF ALL FLESH which contained a lot of great music including OUROBORUS, an awesome and unforgettable song. Next it was L'Enfant Savage which had a sticker on the album sleeve stating simply "BREATHLESS" which it was and better than the last record.

Each record got better and the following grew and grew especially among other bands in the genre - which only amplified the growth. Now we have arguably the best Gojira release: Magma. A record with some clean singing which seems to fit perfectly with Gojira style music. However there are statements in the press that Gojira plans to go further in this evolution and thats fine. I personally just hope they don't head in the Opeth direction. Check out the Video:

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Date: Feb 26, 2017
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