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Chinese Thrashers Tumourboy

tumourboy Originating from Beijing, the Capital of China, TUMOURBOY were formed by four thrash addicted hooligans with the aim to create relentless, neck wrecking 80s styled thrash metal. “Noise.Beer.Love”, their debut EP saw the light of the day in May, 2016 when it got released through the local label “Mort Production”. The band did not slow down after cranking up the EP and recorded newer tracks for the full length. At the windup of 2016, same label released their debut full length “Damaged System”, consisting 09 nuclear energy fueled tracks.

A month later, on January 31, 2017, Witches Brew released the European version of this album, which includes 2 bonus tracks, an 08-page booklet and 02-sided inlay. If one is ready to thrash like a maniac, then this album is obliged to serve with crushing, wild riffs, insane vocals, vibrant bass tones, speedy drumming and a dash of punk attitudes. Jaw dripping solos present in the tracks will instantly turn the listeners to a frenzied maniac. Verbally, these Chinese hooligans challenge the righteousness of the Government, reveal the adverse effects of cell phone, highlight the miserable life a girl leads upon the divorce of the parents, preach in your face attitude, tribute the TV series “Dexter”, and praise the power of noise and beer all the way. The Chinese are highly praised for their adroitness, ferocity and stamina in Martial Arts and various forms of Sports, it is high time they should be acclaimed for their ruthless metal acts.

Highly Recommended: To the Fans of Nuclear Assault, Slayer, Anthrax,
Viol-lence, Atrophy, and Sepultura.

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    February 23, 2017

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