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Mountaineer Mountaineer, a newly-created West Coast band, will begin a short West Coast tour today, the outfit’s very first live shows. The succinct trek comes in conjunction with the release of their debut recordings, the two-song Coma Fever/Siren Song 7” EP.
Mountaineer was formed in late 2015 by guitarist Clayton Bartholomew (ex-Secrets Of The Sky, ex-Lycus) and longtime friend, vocalist Miguel Meza. The two demoed out a full album and soon after recruited guitarist Mike McClatchey (Lament Cityscape), drummer Sean McCullough (Lament Cityscape), and bassist David Small (Cutworm) to round out the live band. While elements of the more doom-laden, low-end thunder of the creators’ prior works are present in this new act’s sound, Mountaineer displays a dense but accessible, organic style of emotional rock, their output ranging from dense and epic movements to more stripped-down and accessible passages. In April, the band recorded a full LP at Nu-Tone Studios with engineer Ben Hirschfield; “Coma Fever” and “Siren Song” now see release through this special tour 7”, with the full album being set for release in the near future.

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    February 12, 2017

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