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Mars Red Sky Unveil Short Film, 'Alien Grounds'

Mars Red Sky French psychedelic stoner doom sorcerers - Mars Red Sky is pleased to unveil their near-thirteen-minute short film Alien Grounds. Boasting a rad vintage car, handsome actors, a crazy spaceship, a dangerous alien, and an odd dive bar, Alien Grounds takes “Apex III” and “Sapphire Vessel,” the first two tracks from the Bordeaux trio’s third and latest album, Apex III (Praise for the Burning Soul) and puts them to a science fiction narrative.
Directed by Sébastien Antoine and starring Yan Tual, Dan Bronchinson, Victoria Cyr, Grégory Dreyfus, and Jean-Claude Tisserand, the clip is currently playing at The Obelisk who lauds, “visuals as lush as the band’s melodies and a professional production of a level yet unseen from them,” further observing of the elaborate creation, “There’s an astronaut, an apparent kidnapping, a bit of rocking out, a bit of horror, and an apparent space-cult who use the same hand-sign as the hippies from my (second) favorite episode of Star Trek — think ‘we reach’ — and teleport the hero of our narrative to a distant planet he heretofore thought was of his own creation. Very cool stuff all around, and easy to get lost in the story as well as in the music, so mark it a double-win for the band.”
Watch the film here:

Alien Grounds Movie

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    February 06, 2017

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