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sick grindcore split! HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH / BEARTRAP is out now!

Beartrap Blasting furious and fast. Powerviolence, at it's top speed. Manicial fastcore laced over pounding drums and blasts of mayhem.
Label(s): Give Praise
To Live A Lie
Here and Now Records
Riotous Outburst
01 BEARTRAP - weightless
02 BEARTRAP - ascend
03 BEARTRAP - demon
04 BEARTRAP - kneel
05 BEARTRAP - cross me (project x cover)
06 HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH - endless dumber - drug cartels
07 HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH - inherently terrible
08 HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH - human train wreck
09 HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH - you had better enjoy treating people like shit while you can
10 HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH - loser - a touch too much - better enjoy (reprise)
11 HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH - acquire knowledge
12 HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH - endless vertigo

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Tags:  Hummingbird of DeathBeartrapGrindcore  

    January 29, 2017

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