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VIPASSI release debut album, 'Śūnyatā'

VIPASSI release debut album, 'Śūnyatā'
Australia's extreme progressive metal quartet VIPASSI, the brainchild of guitarist Ben Boyle and NE OBLIVISCARIS drummer Dan Presland, (also featuring NE OBLIVISCARIS guitarist Benjamin Baret and bassist Brendan "Cygnus" Brown), have released their debut album, 'Śūnyatā' worldwide today. 'Śūnyatā' is available at the Season of Mist E-Shop.

VIPASSI's forward thinking, dynamic debut album is heralded as " Memorable, atmospheric and deeply emotional...There doesn’t seem to be anything quite like it out there" (Heavy Blog Is Heavy), and is in full here.

Track list:
1. Gaia
2. Benzaiten
3. Jove
4. Sum
5. Elpis
6. Paradise
7. Samsara

With 'Śūnyatā', VIPASSI make a definitive statement of intent; their approach to progressive, technical composition represents a desire to explore music across several shades of emotions. These melodic and complex pieces are bemused in themes of the struggles of the human experience, exploring nature, spirituality and science.

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    January 23, 2017

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