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Insane split album from Swedish grind bands RESONANCE CASCADE and JÄRNBÖRD.

Resonance Cascade/ Jambord split RIYL: Napalm Death, Insect Warfare, Brutal Truth

Esteemed German label WOOAAARGH and DOWNFALL RECORDS will release Hyperakusi (Swedish word that means "hypersensitivity to everyday sounds"), an insane split album from Swedish grind bands RESONANCE CASCADE and JÄRNBÖRD. Järnbörd combine their version of filthy grindcore with tight uncompromising d-beat while Resonance Cascade have a crushing old school grindcore sound with whirlwind drumming and a harsh guitar tone.

Hyperakusi will be released on February 24 2017 as a limited edition vinyl, CD and digital download.

About Järnbörd

Järnbörd formed in the summer of 2012 under the name of “Den Mänskliga Faktorn” (The Human Factor), and recorded their first demo in 2014.In 2015 the band changed their name to Järnbörd after discovering another band with the same name. The band plays tough grindpunk with lyrics in Swedish that deals with issues of enduring and maintaining your sense in an idiotic world.

Järnbörd is:
Michael Berlin - bass, vocals
Jocke Unger- Drums
Anders Schärberg - Guitar, Vocals


RESONANCE CASCADE was formed in summer 2012 in Malmö Sweden with the goal to play raw and simple but effective grindcore.While the band's members have all been involved in extreme metal bands or years, none had played grindcore until forming RESONANCE CASCADE. In 2014 they released a 10 song 7” EP via the American label Cricket Cemetery.. Now in 2017, the band will release Hyperakusi with fellow grind band Järnbörd.


Andreas Johansson- Bass
Arvid Borg-drums
Dan Widing – guitar
Johan Bergström -vocals

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    January 20, 2017

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