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Signs of the Swarm Sign with Unique Leader Records

Unique Leader Records announced they’ve signed Signs of the Swarm to their expanding and brutal band roster.
Signs of the Swarm is a five-piece Death Metal troupe hailing from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

The band is slated to release their debut album, Senseless Order, next year.

“We are extremely honored to be working with Unique Leader Records and the many other great bands on their roster. Being a part of this has been a huge goal of ours,” the band said. “It is truly a great feeling and an amazing accomplishment to have achieved this. We have some very big things in the works right now and cannot wait to share with everyone what we have been working so hard on.”

Combining Death Metal, Slam, and Hardcore into a mammoth sound, Signs of the Swarm crush with catchy riffs, raunchy breakdowns, and off the rails vocals.
Be on the look-out for more from Signs of The Swarm by visiting the band’s official Facebook page at Facebook.

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    January 03, 2017

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