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Gruesome events from Norway anno 1748-1750 - inspiration for new album

Tomorrows Outlook Norwegian metallers Tomorrow's Outlook have revealed the front cover illustration for a new concept album in the works, based on actual events that happened in Northern Norway anno 1748-1750; "The gruesome murders of two young Sámi men, and a trial where three local people; two men and a young girl, were sentenced to death".

"Northern Norway, December 1748. Two Saami boys were heading home, their boat loaded with food and liquor for Christmas. The weather was awful and the seas were rough, so by necessity they pulled to shore and started dragging the boat across a sandbank. This is where they met their cruel fate.

Three local people who lived nearby came to help: Iver, a wicked man; Steffen, old and weak; and his daughter Ane, a fair-haired young beauty. The Saami people are viewed as inferior, and when Iver found the liquor he decided to take it. A fight broke out, and the Saami boys were murdered in cold blood – one knifed in the throat and the other strangled with his own scarf.

The murderers buried one boy, but the other was left on the cold stone where he fell. This would be their undoing, as he was found within days and suspicion fell upon Steffen, who lived nearby. Also, Ane was seen prancing around wearing the dead boy’s scarf. This carelessness led to their arrest, confession and harsh judgement.

“The sentence is death for each and every one of you. Thrice you shall be branded with red hot pliers; first on the place of your crime, next on route to Pikeholme, the place of execution, and lastly when you arrive. Your right hands are forfeit; they shall be hacked off. Then, after justice is served and your heads have been severed, the Night Man shall place your hands and heads on pikes and lay your bodies on stalls, there to rot as a warning to any who pass by, that we will not suffer murderers in our midst!”

After the Supreme Court upheld the sentence, the murderers were executed in the summer of 1750. For the sake of alcohol, five people had died."

The band says:
"We don't want to give away too much about the next album yet, but since the cover artwork has already been ready for quite some time, and since we're extremely pleased with the amazing work of our good friend Rado Javor, we can't keep it to ourselves any longer. The picture looks super awesome! The landscape, with the sea and the mountains, is actually authentic with the view from our living room window, so it's a bit chilling when you actually know the story and what happened only a couple of thousand meters apart from where we live. It's a great story to write an album about, and we're definitely having a lot of fun with it."

The music is said to be a continuation of what the band did on A Voice Unheard, the upcoming album which was produced by Roy Z (Bruce Dickinson/Halford/Judas Priest). The band describe their music as a nice hybrid of classic metal bands such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and Helloween.

The band says:
"It looks like the next album might be another Roy Z production. We have already introduced him for some ideas, and he was amazed by the intriguing concept. He did a killer job with the mix on A Voice Unheard, so why really change a winning formula? We're also going to ask him to play some guitar on the album. Roy is both an amazing guitarist and song-writer, so don't be surprised if there will also be one or two of his ideas on the album. Regarding singers, we'll probably stick with Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear) and Tony Johannessen (Thunderbolt). These two Supermen are among the top singers in heavy metal of today, and with them only the sky is the limit."

Some music for the next concept album has already been written and recorded, and the band are truly excited about the new songs.

The band says:
"We can't wait to start talking more about the next album, but first let's focus 100% on the upcoming A Voice Unheard; which details about the release is just around the corner. Hang in there and thanks for being patient."

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    December 29, 2016

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