KC’s Metal Beast VANLADE: Live Interview

Vanlade Before Interviewing VANLADE, I spun their latest disk “Rage of the Gods” several times. I gotta say this band feels like its bound for the big venues.

Musicianship, orchestration, creativity and raw ferocity mark this set of tracks. The band created a mythology of its own for the sole purpose of having a setting to write within!

Fans of upper register singers and banshee howling crescendos with blistering guitars that flood the soundscape with a sonic heaviness reminiscent of ICED EARTH or RIOTs' Thundersteel will love what this band has done. It doesn’t stop there however. The band has filled every corner of this album with surprises and sheer power, making it feel like it belongs right in the time of its release in late 2015. With nuanced and innovative approaches to song structures, bass, rhythm, lead guitar arrangements and a positively fascinating timeless story that reaches into the duality of man, institutions and society, you are missing out if you don’t give this a spin.

Below is a live interview and a video track.

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Date: Dec 05, 2016
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