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Serpent "Trinity" Out Nov 25

serpent Serpent was formed 1993 by Lars Rosenberg (Entombed, Carbonized) and Andreas Wahl (Therion). Quickly joined by Piotr Wawrzeniuk (Therion, Carbonized and best known for his vocal contributions on many Therion albums like ‘Theli’ and ‘A `Arab...’) on drums and vocals, plus a lead guitarist Ulf Samuelsson (Suffer).
Nuclear Blast sub-label, Radiation Records released the Serpent debut "In The Garden Of...Serpent", in 1996. Just after the debut release Per Karlsson (Deströyer 666, In Aeternum, Benediction (live), Nominon) joined on drums.

In 1997, they recorded their second album ‘Autumn Ride’with the engineer Peter Hansson (earlier Therion). The album was mixed by Tomas Skogsberg at the legendary Sunlight Studio.

The new album, ‘Trinity’, is a very rare recording from the summer of 1999 with lots of groovy and doomy riffs mixed with killer vocals from Piotr Wawrzeniuk. Mastered by Dan Swano at Unisound. Artwork by Ivan Bragin.

SERPENT line-up:
Ulf Samuelsson: Guitar
Piotr Wawrzeniuk: Vocals & Bass
Per Karlsson: Snare, Bass drum, Tom + Cymbals

SERPENT Discography:
1. Garden of the Serpent (Nuclear Blast / Radiation Records, 1996)
2. Autumn Ride (Heathendoom 1997)
3. Trinity (Vic Records, 2016)

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    October 22, 2016

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