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ANCIIENTS release new album, 'Voice of the Void'

Anciients The album, a stunning combination of extreme, progressive metal, hard rock, and powerful songwriting is streaming now at Loudwire. 'Voice of the Void' was recorded by Jesse Gander (3 INCHES OF BLOOD, BAPTISTS) at Rain City Recordings. The album is available now at the official Season of Mist E-Shop.

Regarding 'Voice of the Void', guitarist/vocalist Kenneth Cook comments, "This record includes some of our heaviest music, and darkest themes to date . We traveled a bit further from some of the classic rock elements that were throughout our previous record , and focused a bit more on the metal aspects of our sound this time around. I can speak for all of us when I say this record is something we are very stoked on, and we couldn't be happier with how the final product turned out. I think we have upped the ante  in a lot of ways when compared to Heart of Oak. The overall sound quality and recording of 'Voice of the Void' turned out amazing ! I think this record compliments our previous work quite well . We can't wait to hit the road and share this new material with our fans in a live setting."

Guitarist Chris Dyck continues, "'Voice of the Void' for me, is the logical progression musically and lyrically from Heart of Oak. It goes further in each direction we explored on the debut; heavy parts are heavier, fast parts are faster and so forth. In terms of theme/lyrics. this record is far more cynical and less hopeful than the debut. It metaphorically addresses some life choices/paths etc and what we see happening in the world. Its a darker and more pissed off album. I feel like we have hit our stride and I'm stoked as hell to get on the road and play these songs live!
The artwork and track list for 'Voice of the Void' can be found below.

Track list:
1. Following the Voice
2. Buried in Sand
3. Worshipper
4. Pentacle
5. Descending
6. Ibex Eye
7. My Home, My Gallows
8. Serpents
9. Incantations

ANCIIENTS are streaming a live performance of the track "Following the Voice". The video, presented as a 360 degree virtual performance, is streaming now at the official Vancouver Sun Youtube Channel.

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    October 17, 2016

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