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Sauron - "Wara" Winter 2016

sauron.jpg Sauron is one of the first Polish groups that introduced Pagan Black Metal art to the local metal community. Their beginnings reach 1993.

During the last two years the band have made their return to the underground scene marking their come-back with some new recordings and releases.

“Wara!” is the latest material since the reactivation of Sauron. Five new tracks plus Bathory cover brings us back to the glorious days of Black Metal, the early 90's. Band's new material has an outstanding atmosphere, heaviness and a great production which gives us a serious dose of Black Metal, also fans of previously mentioned Bathory will be pleased.

Cover artwork prepared by Robert A. von Ritter perfectly representing the atmosphere of the album while were responsible for the preparation of layout as well as the rest of the graphics.

Recordings were done at FFF Studio in Radom, mix and mastering at Satanic Audio by Haldor Grunberg (Thaw, Mentor) behind the console.

For the fans of: Bathory, Immortal/Abbath, Enslaved, Hades Almighty

Formats & release dates:
CD: Autumn/Winter 2016
Tape: Autumn/Winter 2016
Vinyl: Autumn/Winter 2016

Band members:
P.W. - Vocals
Evil - Guitars, Bass
Rzeczy - Drums

1993 - Hellish Requiem (Demo)
1995 - The Baltic Fog (Demo)
2000 - Kraina martwego słońca (Compilation)
2007 - Hornology (Full-length)
2015 - Unholy Man (Full-length)
2016 - The Land of Dead Sun (Full-length)
2016 - Wara! (Full-length)

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    October 15, 2016

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