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'These Tides, Our Tombs' features 10 assaulting tracks plus a bonus acoustic version of their first single 'Tidebringer'. Initially the band wrote 15 songs for release, but chose to use only the best of the bunch. After an entire year of demos and writing, they worked with producer Rob Kukla (Arbitrator) to establish the album tracks and had mixing plus mastering done by Sacha Laskow (Every Hour Kills).

The band comments on the release:

"These Tides, Our Tombs" is a project that has been in the works for the last two years. Our entire goal was to create an album that challenged all of us musically plus would break down the genre walls placed upon us by our previous releases. On a lyrical standpoint, the album is an emotional roller coaster touching on subjects such as loss, suicide and depression. "These Tides" symbolizes the negativity that surrounds us; "Our Tombs" symbolizes how we choose to deal with them. It's either sink or swim. We hope the fans will feel the same raw emotion we put into writing this record."

Revolving mostly around themes of love and loss, 'The Tides, Our Tombs' is an album that has the originality to break down genre walls and create a truly diverse and dedicated fan base. A sound that has the consistency that veteran fans know and love, but still manages to remain dynamic enough to attract a plethora of new listeners. It's rare to find such a definitive offering from an unsigned band. It's crushingly heavy, yet beautifully melodic.

SHARK INFESTED DAUGHTERS' first music video and second single 'Glass Kingdom' can be viewed below.

Music Video - Glass Kingdom

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    October 11, 2016

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