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Sumerlands: Album Review

summerlands On the verge of issuing an excellent self-titled debut album through Relapse Records,Sumerlands is an may not be familiar within the underground scene.

War Hungry guitarist Arthur Rizk and bassist Brad Raub are involved in the project with ex-Hour of 13 vocalist Phil Swanson. Like Swanson, drummer Justin
DeTore has played in a long list of different underground metal bands, while guitarist John
Powers is a new name in the scene. Sumerlands’s music is traditional heavy metal characterized by beautiful high notes and chords, melodic structure, and occasional synthesizers in the background. These features give Sumerlands a warm, ringing sound.
Swanson’s high but creepy, elderly vocal style works well with this sound just as it did with the
gloomier music of Hour of 13. In fact, there is a certain degree of similarities in the guitar
department between the two bands, even if they are clearly playing two different styles of metal.

As much talent, creativity, and energy is unveiled by the whole band throughout the album,
DeTore’s drumming is a highlight that demands a closer listen. DeTore’s wild performance with
Sumerlands explains why he is part of so many projects, what band wouldn’t want him behind
their kit? The album retains its consistent sound until it reaches its very left-field closing track.

This synth-heavy, self-titled instrumental has copious layers of atmosphere, perhaps serving as
the soundtrack to the entrance into another dimension. While the finale may cause the album to
end in a way different than some would hope (myself included), the unison of the remaining
seven songs will surely maintain the interest of anyone who is intrigued at the start of the album.

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    October 11, 2016

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