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Diabolus Arcanium Anounce new album for 2016

diabolusarcanium Diabolus Arcanium have announced that their new album "Death Of A World" will be out during fall 2016, the new album is a departure from the band's "Symphonic black metal" style of their previous album "Path of ascension" which was released in 2015 to a great success and rave reviews, the band's current singer and former lead guitarist Vyas Hex Manalan has noted that the songs are totally different and swings between industrial metal and alternative rock. DA also uploaded the album artwork on their social media.

After the abrupt break up of the Indian power metal band Fortified Destruction, the band's leader Hex came up with Diabolus Arcanium (The Devil's mystic sanctuary), he went on to recruit the past members/friends of Fortified Destruction into the newly framed idea "Diabolus Arcanium", but with a lot of changes. Archon joined in first as the new keyboardist, Nero as the rhythm guitarist, Solas as the bassist and finally Astaroth as the drummer. Being Hex's brain child the band adopted an inversly different style that is black metal on contrary to Fortified Destruction's power metal grasp. The band added some heavy keyboard work on their demo album titled "Spellbound" which was released very quick on February 23rd of 2014, the album was a good success with the band gaining favourable reviews and fans. In the coming months the band worked on to increase the production quality of their demo album for their firt full length album which as titled "Spellbound - The path of ascension", the album was produced by JB Winderberg who is the band's manager too. This time instead of regular keyboards and the synth the band decided to use real orchestra. The album is due to be released soon. From power metal to symphonic black metal the band evolved considerably exploring new boundaries which makes their brand of music something different and unique to listen to.

The band's lyrics focuses highly on Anti-Christian philosophy/death/destruction/super natural phenomenon.

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    September 24, 2016

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