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Album Review - HELLEVATE

hellevate Kansas City's infamous sons of brawl, Hellevate is a relentless monstrosity that has been smashing through skulls all over this town since the moment they were conceived in early 2007. These sons a bitches are a playing a brand of Metal that so many others don't have the wit or balls to play.

So, if you have an ice pack handy, you are ready follow me on a journey full of glory, spoils, and victory. I've heard some stories and I won't spoil the fun. You just have to go to a show or listen to this record. Take a journey with me to darkest corner of Kansas City, MO, where even the whores are packing heat.

Their newest record "Weapons Against Their Will" conjures images of Anthrax at the height of their glory. And for you folks that don't know anything about that, this is a good thing. Right from the beginning the song "Infected Chaos", the less than three minute intro is a skull crushing masterpiece. I love that fact that I can hear every single instrument in remarkable clarity on this one. Blasphemer Deciever is like Slayer and Dead Kennedys gave birth to a beast.

I really do appreciate the fact that axemen Josh and Dan both understand that the guitar was designed to be a beast mid-range instrument. The sound of the guitars on this record have a pristine muddiness that would be a delight to the ears of any traditional metal enthusiast. delightful to ears of a metal traditionalist.

It has the big fat sound we like to hear in all records these days but it's the Thrash Fucking Metal that we all adored in the late 80's. It would not be fair to call this a retread because this band and this album can certainly stand out and stand tall. Thrash just got better is all. They prove it on this record. The thrash gods of yesteryear can only wish that they too can come up with something as fresh as this is.

I was lucky enough to catch Dan Whitmer on the phone. Below is the conversation:

Below is a streaming track from their latest record:

Hellevate is:

Dan Whitmer - Guitar/Vocals
Zack Burke - Bass
RJ Whitmer - Drums
Andrew Lufkin - Vocals
Josh Cole - Guitar

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    September 15, 2016

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