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Hyperion: Best Selling Album on Bandcamp

hyperion Hyperion was formed in 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden. The original vision was to create melodic music rich in harmony that was also brutal and epic, thus in the beginning Hyperion were inspired by many Swedish bands and still are to this day. Later, the band took a darker move towards music that was more inspired by Swedish and Norwegian Black Metal, while still maintaining the original vision of writing epic and melodic music.

The debut album,"Seraphical Euphony", which contains both new material and more professional re-recordings of the songs on the demo Blood of the Ancients. The album contains 9 songs of epic, melodic, brutal and eventful music that challenges the norm of conventional music. It is also meant to challenge the ears of its listeners, bombarding them with countless, various elements of musical influences.

First and Second Press, both got sold out. IT IS ONE OF THE BEST SELLING METAL ALBUMS OF 2016 IN BANDCAMP.


"I can confidently say that Seraphical Euphony will be the best record released in 2016." [4.5/5]
................. Angry Metal Guy

"Super-fast classic black metal with true atmosphere — this sounds like it’s been done before!"
................. Metal Sucks

"one of the better symphonic melodic black metal albums of the last few years."
................. Teeth of The Divine

"Seraphical Euphony is after all one highly recommended album for all lovers of extreme metal" [7.5/10]
................. Terra Relicta

" I can certainly see them becoming a household name in the genre."
................. Loud Stuff

"this is definitely an album not to be missed" [8/10]
................. Metal Temple

"Overall, this record has become one of my favorites this year due to its precise execution of beautiful melodies and multi-colored feelings." [4/5]
................. Toilet ov Hell

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    September 04, 2016

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