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Bruce Dickinsons Airlander 10 Crashes

airlander 10 Bruce was not on-board. As you can see from the photo the crash looks relatively innocuous.

It actually looks like more of bad landing than anything. But still the Airlander 10, the worlds largest aircraft, will be heading back to the hanger for re-tooling.

The giant flew just a week ago and had no problems. Engineers tell us that there is a long road before the Airlander 10 (financially backed by Bruce Dickinson) gets reliable.

Dickinson's support for the aircraft is probably unwavering after this "minor" set back. As he told the Guardian last year "I am not expecting to get my money back anytime soon, I just want to be a part of it. Being a rock person, I could put it up my nose or buy a million Rolls Royces and drive them into swimming pools, or I could do something useful."

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    August 25, 2016

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