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Feign: Atlas

feign Into the Night Records has returned from their hiatus to release Atlas by one-man black metal band FEIGN. While the band primarily draws on black metal for their distinct sound, elements of death metal also weave in and out of the songs. The label has already released the track "Lunarity" for free streaming and download at Bandcamp. You can download the track at this location.

About Feign:
Feign is a one-man metal project started by Jacob Lizotte in late 2014, with the idea in mind to combine his influences from melodic death metal and black metal into one. On January 11th, 2015, Feigns’ first demo Lost to Eternity was released. It was well received by the underground metal community and prompted Jacob to continue work with Feign. Into the Night Records quickly signed them onto their roster and released Feigns’ second demo, entitled Into the Void on May 2nd. Once again, the demo was very well received and started a growing relationship between the band and label. Now, after a years’ worth of work, Feign is preparing to release their first full-length debut, Atlas. It will be released through Into the Night Records on July 29th on CD and digital format. More news on special editions coming soon!

Atlas Tracklist:

1. Starstrum
2. Into the Celestial Nothingness
3. …A Visitor
4. Haven In The Sky
5. Lunarity
6. When The World Ends
7. Stargazer
8. Deathwisher
9. Atlas
10. Souls’ Whisper

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    August 13, 2016

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