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Der Rote Milan: Aus der Asche - Video

Der Rote Milan German black metal has a history of being vicious, and Der Rote Milan is no exception. Dense, punishing and packed with vitriol, the band are charging out the gate with their first album Aus Der Asche. After a hypnotic intro, the true nature of Aus Der Asche is revealed through “Nebel und Regen”, where dense melodies balance atop a grooving rhythm which can drop into blast beats at the drop of a hat, while extreme vocals of all timbres guide the listener. It’s intense, and to quote the band, showcases an ‘ability to uncompromisingly unite hatred and beauty.’

There’s more than just relentless hate, though; “Seelenasche” opens with a delicate acoustic intro, and “Blutleere Stille” features a German-language film quote to set the melancholic scene, “Ewige Dunkelheit” is a despair-filled affair, and closer “Der Abgrund” is a masterful 9-minute journey through a maelstrom and into the titular abyss, ending on a quote from the poetry of Baudelaire.

Aus Der Asche (transl: Out Of The Ashes)

The band has already released "Seelenasche" as a preview track which you can hear and see here:

Der Rote Milan are:

I: guitars
II: guitars
III: vocals
IV: drums
V: bass
VI: spirit

All music written and performed by Der Rote Milan.
Recorded by Markus Stock of Klangschmiede/Studio E.

Tracklisting (w/ translations)
1. Der Aufstieg (The Ascent)
2. Nebel Und Regen (Fog and Rain)
3. Das Ende des Tempels (The End of the Temple)
4. Sühne und Schmerz (Atonement and Pain)
5. Seelenansche (Ashes of the Soul)
6. Blutleere Stille (Bloodless Silence)
7. Ewige Dunkelheit (Eternal Darkness)
8. Der Abgrund (The Abyss)


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    August 13, 2016

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