WACKEN: This week - Keeping it Safe!

Recent attacks in Germany, have raised concerns for some fans and organizers, including the attack in Ansbach just last week.

Senior Organizers are aware of all the risks and Ansbach has only reinforced that.

Wacken officials have been working closely for many years with the German security organization BOS:"Behörden" (authorities), "Organisation" (organizers) and "Sicherheit" (security).
"Sicherheit" (security).

There are always meetings with them before and during the festival. The police will be there in force along with a coalition of emergency services, regulatory authorities, private security companies, and the massive organization staff. All have been trained in event security by the Federal Office of Civil Protection.

Working together will be the key as well as being very quick to respond to any threat, event or perceived threat.

During a recent security meeting it was decided that backpacks and all kinds of bags would be banned from festival grounds. This lifts a huge burden from security and places a significant challenge on any attacker.

The standard at Wacken had already been raised very high. After the Love Parade catastrophe in 2010 [21 people were killed when the crowd piled up in a narrow tunnel.]
Professionals went through all Wacken security measures and found that the crew as well as the authorities were all well positioned, and we're already doing just about everything that can be done for security.

Of course the entire point of Wacken is freedom of expression. And one silver lining was a recent criminologist's analysis that said the statistics for violence in Germany have sunk dramatically!

We have to remember that. And we have to motivate ourselves and say, how do we want to live? I still want to go to cultural events. I will not be afraid.

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Date: Aug 01, 2016
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