Spirit Adrift: Chained to Oblivion

SPIRIT ADRIFT was created by Nate Garrett out of necessity. Garrett cut his teeth in the south, in a humid melting pot of doom, sludge, psychedelic rock and hardcore punk. He played, recorded and toured with as many bands as possible, always following the sonic path carved by the masters. Bands like Black Sabbath, Neurosis and EYEHATEGOD were the guides during his most formative years. More specifically, Garrett was deeply influenced by the artistic and personal relationships he shared with fellow Arkansans such as Deadbird, Rwake, Seahag and Pallbearer. His experience in the climate of southern heavy music left an impression that will last a lifetime. Garrett moved to Arizona in 2011, joining Take Over And Destroy and later Gatecreeper. Things were going well but some ghosts had stuck with him.

Early 2015 saw dire circumstances coming to a head in Nate’s life. An overhaul became crucial. This process resulted in profound psychic changes, unfamiliar headspace and a sudden outpouring of creative energy. Spirit Adrift was inherent in this metamorphosis, as both a catalyst and a product. Realizing early on in the demoing process just how personal this material had become, Nate understood he had to handle all songwriting and performing duties himself.

The Behind-Beyond EP came out in early 2016. Metal Hammer described it as a stunning work …sure to pique the interest with its gorgeous, fuzzed out progressions and solid foundations of rock. Noisey went on to say the two tracks unfurl purposefully and with grace to paint a desert-tinted portrait of modern American doom. Before the EP was even released, Garrett had written an album’s worth of material. Produced by AZ’s Bob Hoag at Flying Blanket studios, Chained To Oblivion, out August 12th on Prosthetic Records, shows the continuing evolution and growth of Garrett as both a songwriter and person.

SPIRIT ADRIFT is the result of a lifetime dedicated to music. It is the culmination of every bit of Garrett’s musical experience, from piano lessons at age three, through voice training in school choir, whiskey-soaked Sabbath riffs, the joy of Thin Lizzy guitar harmonies and ZZ Top pinch harmonics, good times, awful times and everything in between. Both musically and lyrically, the music is punishingly heavy and equally uplifting. Psychedelic currents ebb and flow throughout passages of unrelenting doom and entrancing melody. The focus is on writing memorable, meaningful songs that evoke every sonic influence that shaped the musician channeling them.

SPIRIT ADRIFT is a necessary healing process, and an artist’s attempt at contributing his own drop to the limitless well of music, a well that has kept him alive

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Date: Jul 28, 2016
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