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Dee Snider Tells Trump to Stop Using His Music

Dee Snider front-man for, at times questionably metal band, Twisted Sister told Donald Trump, potential next president to cease and desist.

Once upon a time, perhaps during one of Mr. Trumps different personalities, Says, Dee Snider He and Donald (they were once on a first name basis) were buddies.

To know Donald trump is one thing but to be a buddy of Donald Trump is another thing entirely. Did they hang out together, golf, dinner parties, who knows.

Recently Donald Trump adopted the song as a campaign anthem – until Snider asked him to stop.

Snider said: “Donald is my buddy. When he started running for office he called and said ‘Can I use the song?’ and I said ‘Yeah, go ahead’, but as the months went on I heard him express beliefs I’d never discussed with him and in the end I had to ask him to stop in case people thought I was endorsing his views”.

The band, who headline Bloodstock festival next month, have booked the Prince Charles Theatre for the West End premiere of their film We Are Twisted F**king Sister on August 10.

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    July 25, 2016

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