"We have come to Fuck You Up"

Manga-themed progressive metal band PSEUDO/SENTAI will return with Enter the Sentai, the follow-up to the band's debut album Bansheeface, which was critically acclaimed by Metalsucks, Angry Metal Guy and more. The album will be released as a FREE digital download on July 8 2016 and was engineered by Colin Marston (Gorguts, Krallice)

The band has already released a preview track on Bandcamp called "Werewolf Casey" which you can check out here:

About Pseudo/Sentai

Long ago, bolts of great power were transmitted to the earth from a mysterious origin unknown to the masses. Upon reaching Earth's atmosphere the heat molded the beams of various colored light into weapons. The first two weapons wound up in the hands of two humans, now known as [RED] and [BLUE].

[RED] was given the FIREarm, a gun blade with the power to unload a blazing inferno upon his adversaries. Combined with the power of Wind to emit the force of a hurricane with his voice, he is able to create vortexes of unspeakable burn. [BLUE] acquired the power of Shadow when given the Battleaxe of Bewilderment. .Creating shadow people and creatures to dismantle the opposition, the presence of contrast between light and darkness increases the power of his shadows. Years later, the next human was given a complex connection to machine thought. [PINK] has a small floating droid that follows her around, controlled by her thoughts. She also works wonders with a laser rifle while tossing the floating droid towards foes, which electrocutes or impales with kinetic blades.

The number of remaining powers are unknown, as they have yet to find who wields the other weapons. Pseudo/Sentai is the living collective chosen by these powers. They are harbingers of freedom against tyranny and control in a world that corrupts its heroes and bludgeons creative minds into submission.

Here to bring the balls back to Rock & Roll, Pseudo/Sentai is ready to fight for music by transcending its boundaries. Their mission statement is as follows: "We are Pseudo/Sentai. We are here to save the world." And to their enemies: "We have come to fuck you up."

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Date: Jul 08, 2016
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