Crazy Christians on Guns N Roses

Despite the death of their leader these hypocrites keep making fools of themselves. Heres what they tell us:

"Guns N’ Roses is part of the rock-band era (late 1980s-early1990s) known as the hedonistic
rebelliousness period. With their debut album, Appetite for Destruction, they burst on the scene with their Hell Tour in 1985. From then until now band members have lived lives of notorious proud sin, with the three tenured members – Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan – changing sex partners like socks, and racking up multiple divorces/remarriages. So little wonder that the great theologian Slash came forth with this wisdom about God’s standard – one man, one woman, for life – “At this point it’s ridiculous that two people, regardless of their sex,can’t get married. It’s just stupid.” (Interview with Quietus 3/23/10)

That’s the sloppy simplistic way whole generations of Americans have handled the Word of God, and
their duty to be thankful, humble and obedient before the Creator of All Things. This band is one of the world’s best-selling bands of all times, with over 100 million records sold. Every one of those records teaches proud sin, and for each one these
men must give an account. Maybe God will have mercy on one of the band members,one of the crew, or one of the fans, and move his/her heart to salvation and
obedience. We will hold signs of hope, truth, and light, and plead repentance to this crowd. God will decide how it lands on each heart. Thank God for His long suffering mercies to all mankind!"

Can I get a big Fuck You to the hypocrites at Westboro Baptist Church.

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Date: Jul 01, 2016
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