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One Man Band: Tyfons Doom

Gates of Hell (a Cruz Del Sur Music sub-label) will release Yeth Hound, the debut album from Finnish heavy metal entity TYFON’S DOOM on July 8. The album will be released on limited edition CD (500 copies) and vinyl LP (300 copies) formats and includes the band’s 2015 Demo, previously released digitally, as bonus tracks. Stream the new Yeth Hound tracks at

TYFON’S DOOM is a one-man band that brings to the table an obscure and unpolished style of traditional heavy metal. Tommi Varsala, the man behind this project, was able to capture the original spirit of metal like only a few other bands in today's scene have done so well. While influences such as IRON MAIDEN, MERCYFUL FATE and early METAL CHURCH are apparent, TYFON’S DOOM sounds incredibly fresh and personal. With brilliant songwriting, great guitar work and gritty vocal style, TYFON’S DOOM will bring you back to a time when you were discovering amazing new bands by looking through the metal LPs at your local record store.

Gates of Hell Records is a sub-label of Cruz Del Sur Music devoted to the old spirit of heavy metal a particular aversion for fashion, trends and contamination.

Track List:

1. Yeth Hound
2. Still Here
3. Rockers
4. Gate to New Reality
5. Galactic Flash / Last Ray of Light
6. Got to Love the Midnight Train (bonus)
7. Ravenous Hunter (bonus)
8. Rapid Revival (bonus)
9. Stay Down (bonus)

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    June 26, 2016

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