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Anvil Reveal Upcoming Album Title

Canadian cult metal act Anvil is back. Striving to bypass the labels that have stood between the band and fans for years, Anvil is creating their new record Anvil Is Anvil with a direct-to-fan approach in mind. Recently, the band teamed up with PledgeMusic to assure that fan connection, but unlike other crowdsourcing campaigns put forth by bands in the hopes of amassing a recording budget, Anvil's campaign strives to do so while truly providing fans with unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences and personal, one-on-one opportunities that they will never forget.

Anvil and PledgeMusic are offering fans a chance to get up close and personal with the band, access exclusive content and be a part of a truly unique fan-to-band experience. With every pre-order, pledgers will get the AccessPass which will give them exclusive looks at behind the scenes videos, photos and messages from the band. Fans will also have several once in a lifetime opportunities to purchase:

-In person or Skype drum lesson with Robb
-In person or Skype guitar lesson with Lips
-Guest back-up vocal appearance on the new record
-One of Lips' amps
-The opportunity to attend a live rehearsal
-A day in the studio with the band-Signed limited edition CD with bonus tracks
-Signed drum head
-Exclusive Pledger T-shirt
-AMPU (Anvil Metal Pounders Union) deluxe lifetime membership and signed CD
-Signed set list
-Signed drumsticks
-Handwritten lyric sheets

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    August 26, 2015

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