Diamond Guitars (F/K/A DBZ/Diamond Guitars) Announces Revolutionary Customer-Staffed Advisory Board

Diamond Guitars (f/k/a DBZ/Diamond Guitars) is proud to announce the launch of its industry-altering Diamond Advisory Board. While many companies prefer to staff advisory teams with retailers, Diamond Guitars has chosen to go right to the source – its valued customers.

The Diamond Advisory Board will be developed through an application process requiring end-users to submit information about themselves and their background indicating how their personal experience or opinions may be helpful in the development of new Diamond Guitars products, test-marketing of product ideas and marketing and promotional concepts, as well as other related concepts. The Diamond Advisory Board will express their opinions and recommendations through direct surveys submitted to the Board Members. Even more exciting is that the Board members will participate in a process guided by Diamond Guitars chief designer and President/CEO, Jeff Diamant, in the development of a new guitar for release in the 2016 model year, for which Diamond Advisory Board members will even receive a royalty.

“I wanted to do something radically different in order to give our customers a chance to be a part of the experience of running a guitar company, and even designing a new guitar,” states Mr. Diamant. "Selected Board members will be consulted by consensus on new models, marketing concepts and more. It’s a great opportunity to have their voice heard and learn the actual ins-and-outs of the guitar industry and marketplace. Anyone can make a guitar, but can they make one that customers will actually buy?” Mr. Diamant continues, “The concept here is simple; what information is more useful to us than what it is our customers - our players - want?” Mr. Diamant concludes, “This is a unique, serious and inclusive creative experience to the benefit of the greater good of all dedicated Diamond Guitars players.”

Individuals may apply at the Diamond Guitars web portal at www.guitarsbydiamond.com/advisoryboard.

About Diamond Guitars and the Diamond Family of Companies:
Diamond Guitars, http://www.guitarsbydiamond.com, considered one of the fastest growing and most sought-after guitar brands in the industry, is one of three musical instrument and related products companies founded by Jeff Diamant, President/CEO. The Diamond Family of Companies also includes Diamond Amplification, Inc., http://www.diamondamps.com, also considered one of the premier amplifier manufacturers in the world. Based on proven military technology, Diamond Tactical, http://www.diamondtactical.net, manufactures the world's only MOLLE System guitar and pedal board gig bags and accessory pouches allowing musicians to customize their guitar, bass or pedal board case to fit their specific needs.

Shipping internationally, Diamond Guitars and Diamond Amplification are relied upon on stage and in the studio by Gold and Platinum-selling recording artists, including, but not limited to: Zoltan Bathory (Five Finger Death Punch), Tim Mahoney (311), Sully Erna and Tony Rombola (Godsmack), Jason Krause (Kid Rock), and John Corabi to name just a few.

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Date: Dec 10, 2014
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