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Accept Post Third Album Trailer

Accept (2014) Pioneering German heavy metallers ACCEPT have released the last of their three online trailers for their upcoming new album Blind Rage, due out in North America on August 19th.

“I’m a gut player,” shares ACCEPT guitarist & songwriter Wolf Hoffmann about his songwriting process. “I don’t really ever know exactly why something works… what scales I’m using or what melodies… I just play what I feel. I’m not somebody who just sits down and practices his instrument all day long and waits for a nice melody to come his way. I do it the opposite way.”

About his guitar solos on the new album, Hoffmann reveals: “I think, ‘What could that song really need?’ as if it was a vocal idea, because that you certainly do the same way. I usually work alone. I can’t concentrate when other people are in the room. I usually lock myself away working out solo parts.”

Hoffmann also discusses his guitar and band influences.

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    August 09, 2014

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