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Vocalist Jared Harris Joins Vathek Moura

Thrasher Jared Harris, best known for his work in Devastation Device, has joined forces with former Inchained Guitarist Will Shackleford for the Goth project Vathek Moura. Shackleford said: "Jared is a special talent, really a big fan of his work in Devastation Device. I know this new EP is going to be white hot with his vocal contribution. We're going to mix it up and see what happens."

Harris reiterated that Devastation Device has not broken up, just on an extended hiatus. Harris added: "I am really excited about this project, being afforded the opportunity to do something new. Its a challenge, I invite the challenge."

Vathek Moura is currently tracking and plan on a EP release sometime in the late Summer or Fall.

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    May 28, 2014

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