RADIATION SICKNESS Announce New Guitarist

Indianapolis Grindcore / Death Metal band RADIATION SICKNESS Announce New Guitarist Scott Bronner (ex-Demiricous, Legion). Scott will be the replacement for the band's previous Guitarist Tom Ball who passed away last month. Originally formed in 1987 RADIATION SICKNESS reunited in 2010 after a long period of inactivity. Since then they have performed numerous times and have been releasing new material in a variety of formats.

Doug Palmer founding member of Radiation Sickness had this to say about the band's newest member:
"We would like to welcome Scott Bronner (ex-Demiricous, Legion) as the new guitar player to Radiation Sickness. This was not a hard call to make, Scott helped make it easier."

And this about Tom Ball and the future of the band:
"OK after the death of Tom Ball we gave it long thought as to what the future of Radiation Sickness would be. A large part of me said I am done, a larger part of me said I don't wanna do this anymore. Two people killing them self in the same band 23 years apart. It is fucking mind blowing. Tom was not there the first time around but he brought more talent and passion to the table then the guy he replaced ever had. I just find it hard not playing music and with this band, the only band I have ever been in. So Radiation Sickness is moving on. Just as twisted and demented as before." "We are working on having the two songs for the Cardiac Arrest split re-produced by Iron Bob Fouts and we are planning on doing three or more split seven inch lps this year & a lot of out of town shows."

Please consider donating to the Ball family during this difficult time. All proceeds will help offset the costs of the memorial service and will be donated directly to the Ball family. See more at:

On June 30th RADIATION SICKNESS will be performing at The Headquarters (Indianapolis) in support of the legendary D.R.I.
Follow the link for more Information:

RADIATION SICKNESS released their latest full length album "Reflections of a Psychotic Past" on Abyss Records in 2012. The album and other official merchandise can be purchased on the Abyss Records webstore:

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Date: May 17, 2014
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