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DEATH COMES PALE Sign to Deepsend Records

Danish death metallers DEATH COMES PALE have officially signed to Deepsend Records for the release of their debut album, World Grave.

World Grave is Danish death metal, plain and simple. Expect a heavy, crushing assault as only Denmark can unleash. Thrashing riffs with melodic daggers that are sure to find their home deep within your flesh. Percussion that pounds like a beating heart ripped from the body and vocals that set an ominous tone towards a World Grave.

World Grave track list:

1. World Grave
2. Transgression
3. Spawn of the Scorned
4. From the Lips of the Dead
5. With a Foot in the Grave
6. The Putrification Process
7. Modern Enslavement
8. Fury of Vengeance
9. Pulse of Existence
10. Silent Genocide
11. Where the Broken Resides

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    February 17, 2014

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