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Warchest To Record Sophomore Album

Warchest (2012) Chilean Thrash metal band WARCHEST have announced that this Feb 21 will start the recording sessions of the drum tracks for its second album. The whole recording process it will be done in between the months of Feb/Mar on two different studio recordings, 'AudioCustom' and 'PigNoize', both in Santiago, Chile.

The new album will be produced by Christian Pelaez and Jose Tomas Garcia. (ex-guitarist of the band)

Guitarist /Vocalist Christian Pelaez have commented:
"We were working for this during the whole last year. We came up with 9 tracks with a little more technical and modern style than the one before; so we think that its like a evolution from our part. About the lyrics, this is not a conceptual album, so it will continue with the line of the 'Aftershock'.

We are still definition the rest of things, such as Mastering, Art Work and Distribution. We are going to go through them with calm to make the right decisions as always. From my part I'm very exited, the demos are sounding killer already!. We don't know when are we going to have it ready, but we've assumed that it would be around mid year or end of it, the latest, We hoped, we can deliver it soon for you all!"

Its predecessor, 'Aftershock' was released in 2010 via Madness Records in Chile and Digmetalworld Records in North America, distributed via MVD Entertainment Group. The album 'Aftershock' contains 10 tracks of pure Thrash and Groove Metal/Punk. Combining aggression and groove the album Aftershock is the first full length from the Chilean thrash band WARCHEST.

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    February 08, 2014

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