Inquisition Banned By Austrian Venue On Behemoth Tour

Inquisition Colombian/US war metallers Inquisition have been banned from performing with Behemoth and Cradle of Filth in Vienna, Austria by the venues promoter. The show, set to take place February 21, will still go on, sans Inquisition.

The band explains: "Vienna, Austria February 21 show cancelled. Unfortunately Inquisition has been banned from playing the Behemoth tour Vienna date at club Gasometer, because venue promoter does not agree with Inquisition once being on the record label No Colours. We apologize to our Austrian and nearby supporters for this inconvenient news. The band will be back in this part of Europe during summer touring. Exact dates to be posted soon."

Inquisition released 2 albums and an EP on No Colours Records, the last being 7 years ago. The label is a German mail order that specializes in black metal, death metal and thrash releases. They are often referred to as a NSBM or neo-Nazi label because of signings like Thor's Hammer from Poland, but in all actuality, the label also signed many apolitical bands against the far right like Suicidal Winds and Wigrid.

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Date: Feb 08, 2014
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