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Religion: a master and slave relationship

A good friend of The Gauntlet has penned a great and controversial piece on his blog, in which Shane discusses and exposes many shortcomings of The Satanic Temple. This is the same group that The Gauntlet reported on tea-bagging the grave site of the Westboro Baptist Church leader's mother.

Marketing, The Last Of The Black Arts – The most effective yet underrated black magician is a person who you’ll never ever see credited in occult circles, yet he was, and still is truly a force of nature. Edward Bernays, Sigmund Freud’s nephew studied the mind, not for the minds sake, he studied for profit and ultimately the corporation’s sake. Bernays used his magic to stimulate consumption through impulsive indulgence, to sell canned spaghetti, cigarettes, soda-pop and war, for his own amusement and prosperity… some would say Bernays is the evilest of all evil doers. He definitely trumps Crowley, Levi and LaVey as far as manipulation of the mind goes, Edward Bernays changed the way humanity as a whole thinks.

I’ve studied Bernays, and at times almost feel bad about using his black magic teachings and marketing techniques for fun and profit… especially when helping to spark a campaign that turns toxic, that creates monsters, such as I have done with The Satanic Temple. The organization started off as a filmmaker’s parody to lampoon outdated politics and to produce a future documentary, the group is now working to become a full fledged religion.

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    January 24, 2014

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