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Surrender Of Divinity Bassist Stabbed To Death

Surrender of Divinity bassist Avaejee was apparently stabbed to death in his own home this evening in Thailand. It is being rumored that he was stabbed by a "black metal poser" and leaves behind a family.

Members of Zygoatsis (which Avajee played guitars for) issued the following statement:

Almost 16 years we had been related and involved,it's more than words about brother in metal scene........
All happiness and Sadness we have been discussed and sloved all problem together, you always stay on my side.

All expectation and dreaming that we had expected and swear under our band: ZYGOATSIS, I promise I will eternally believe and continue to reach our GOAL!!!!!!!
- 2 Lastest recorded as we did together for releasing a split with NECROHOLOCAUST (Canada) it will be unleased soon!!!!

- Otherwise, All those newest warhymns that we had created together, it will be recorded for celebratng our 10th Years of Zygoatical Satanniversary, Definitely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I swear from my deepest heart that I will takecare and give my help to your family as I can.

You will be eternally stay and around every step I walk.......FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    January 09, 2014

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