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Death Angel Along with ANNIHILATOR and MOONSPELL, American thrashers DEATH ANGEL will give some more prestige to the line-up of the TOTAL METAL OPEN AIR FESTIVAL that will be held on 19 and 20 July 2014 in the town of Bitonto in Italy. The Apulian Festival has already passed on all its records, but the organizers still promise: "That's not yet all"

Death Angel was formed in San Francisco in 1982 and they certainly are among the main leaders, along with the famous "colleagues" Metallica, Testament, Megadeth etc, of the explosive success of so called "Bay Area Thrash Metal". It took them just a lucky demo and a handful of awesome albums, produced by some Kirk Hammet (Yes, the guitarist of Metallica!), to make them enter into grace to all the harder fans of most genuine and sincere heavy metal, that kind of music that, without too many pleasantries, direct and strong hits you as a mighty stone in your stomach.

In 1990 the band decided to disband due to the serious medical condition of drummer Andy Galeon and, with great sorrow of all their fans, it seemed that was the end of the band. But later in 2001, on the occasion of the charity project called "Thrash of the Titans", founded to help Testament and Death frontmen Chuck Billy and Chuck Schuldiner, to heal from cancer, The band reunite and, seen the warmth with which they were welcomed, they decide to get back on track and restart to realize great "old school" Thrash Metal albums!
Just their last two albums, "Relentless Retribution", out in 2010, and the recent "The Dream Calls for Blood", released in 2013, confirm Death Angel as one of the metal bands more in the form of the moment!

Thanks to Total Metal Festival these unstoppable thrashers will cross for the first time ever the borders of Southern Italy to share with the audience of the prestigious Italian festival their consolidated and powerful performance!

For more news about the Total Metal Open Air Festival, for real-time updates and to discover all the various facets (musical and not only!) of this unmissable event, we recommend everyone to stay constantly connected with the official facebook page
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    January 08, 2014

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