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Former Visions Of Atlantis Singer Explains Departure

Visions Of Altantis Following the news that they've enlisted French soprano Clémentine Delauney and Austrian singer Siegfried Samer, former VISIONS OF ATLANTIS singer Maxi Nil has issued the following update:

"I remember the first time I got on a plane to Austria almost 5 years ago, and as the plane was taking off, I was filled with happiness and excitement!...This flight was a beautiful journey, full of great times, and I got to meet beautiful people,make good friends and play around the world. Now Visions of Atlantis wish to go back to their roots- reunite with some of the old members and play the music they used to play when they first started, something that fills them up with energy and makes them really happy.This is a decision I really respect and support. However, my motto in life is to be true to yourself and the ones around you, so I've decided to follow my heart and play the music that I have always loved, because to do otherwise would be unfair to Voa and to you, our friends and supporters. This means that I'm no longer the singer of VOA, and my place will be given to my dear friend Ms. Clémentine Delauney and I'm sure she will do a great job as the new frontlady of the band. I wish them all another great new beginning to their journey, and I thank them from the bottom of heart for everything. As for me...I'm embarking on the project I?ve always had in my soul, a band called Jaded Star Official, which will be a true reflection of ME as an artist. It is something different from what you?ve heard from me in the past, and I think you will enjoy it very much!Our debut album will be ready in early 2014. So this is not an end, only a different beginning, for VoA, Clementine and myself- We are all thankful for your support, and look forward to bringing you wonderful new music!"

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    December 09, 2013

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