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Dino Cazares Murdered, Quartered, And Has Organs Harvested In New Video

Broken Hope released its new gore-filled video for "The Flesh Mechanic" today.

The video was directed by acclaimed video director, Corey Soria (Danzig, Hollywood Undead, etc.). The video features amazing, gore-laden traditional horror FX by FX wizard, Jamie Grove who handles make up and creature effects for major motion pictures. Jamie Grove began his career at age 13 and has been working in his craft for 15 years. Jamie's resume includes his work on such films as:THE DEVIL'S REJECTS, HALLOWEEN, HALLOWEEN 2, THE HILLS HAVE EYES 2, HOSTEL 2, and his current work can be seen in the new ROBOCOP, CAPTAIN AMERICA 2, and all of theIRON MAN movies. To see more of Jamie Grove's amazing FX work, follow Jamie on his Instagram account at: @jsgfxjamie

'The Flesh Mechanic' also features Dino Cazares of Fear Factory as a special guest actor. Cazares stars as the 'Flesh Mechanic victim' and is subjected to many horrors! Cazares says,
It was a honor to be a part of the BROKEN HOPE video. I had a great time getting bludgeoned in the head with a severed arm then getting my face sliced off with a dull knife.

BROKEN HOPE's Jeremy Wagner adds,
I'm so excited and happy about 'The Flesh Mechanic’ video! This is only the 2nd music video we've ever done (the first was 'Into The Necrosphere' in 1995), and it truly captures the horror and brutality of the storyline and the music. It was a pleasure working with my friend, Corey Soria. Corey is a brilliant director and he has the best video and camera crew. Moreover, Corey has a genuine passion for horror and death metal, so this collaboration couldn't have been more perfect. Even more amazing is the fact that FX-god--Jamie Grove--stepped in to do ALL the horror/gore FX, but he also stars as the actual 'Flesh Mechanic' character! Jamie Grove brought in a mountain of props, a stellar FX crew, and his evil acting skills to 'The Flesh Mechanic' video set, and made our music video look like a million-dollar horror movie! Death metal videos are severely lacking in conveying any real "horror" element...I think BROKEN HOPE changed that with this video. Traditional horror FX trumps CGI every time. ENJOY this video!

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    October 23, 2013

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