Necrowretch Announces "Bestial Rites 2009-2012" Details

France's most vicious death metal band is back - after releasing debut album, "Putrid Death Sorcery" earlier this year, Necrowretch is now ready to unleash "Bestial Rites 2009-2012" on November 5th in North America as a digital download with CD imports available at CM Distro.

"Bestial Rites 2009-2012" includes all tracks from Necrowretch's demos and EPs, as well as an unreleased cover version of the Merciless track "Pure Hate."


The cover artwork for this compilation was once again created by Milovan Novakovic, and the track listing is as follows:

1. Putrefactive Infestation
2. Sepulchral Pleading
3. A Rancid Spree
4. Sadistic Expiation
5. From A Hideous Summoning
6. Zombie Ritual (DEATH cover)
7. Pure Hate (MERCILESS cover)
8. Evil Dismay / Necrollections
9. Unholy Stench Of Sin
10. Supposed To Rot (NIHILIST cover)
11. Called From The Grave
12. Regurgitated Remains
13. Impending Morbidity
14. Repugnizer
15. Assumed Dead
16. Rising From Purulence
17. Buried To Death

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Date: Sep 23, 2013
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