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Exumer Drop Off Slaughterfest

Exumer has just issued the following statement regarding the band pulling out of the upcoming Slaughterfest European tour with Master and Onslaught.

"We are sad to inform all of our fans and friends that we will not be taking part in the SLAUGHTERFEST EUROPEAN TOUR with Onslaught, MPire of EVIL and Master, in October/November.

"The logistical circumstances that preceded this tour made it impossible to commit to the tour, even if it meant giving up our co/ headlining spot on the bill.
We are just as disappointed as everyone else who wanted to check out this killer tour package but we had to make a decision and as difficult it was, we opted to pull out of the tour.

"Anyone who has seen us live in the past knows that we try to play energetic and exciting shows possible.
Unfortunately the logistical problems surrounding the tour would’ve made it impossible to guarantee the fans a 100% of what we are capable of and to deliver what they expect every night.

"We refuse to shortchange our fans and ultimately tarnish the EXUMER brand just for some profit.
Our withdraw from the tour has nothing to do with the rest of the bands on the tour package and we wish them a great run with loads of success, as we have nothing but respect for each of the remaining bands on the bill.

"We will do our best to put together a string of shows in Europe next year to make up for this cancelation and ask for everyone to consider our apologies and hopefully see you at one of the next Exumer shows!!"

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    August 14, 2013

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