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Suffocation Drop Off The Bill For Philip Anselmo's Housecore Horror Film Fest

Housecore Horror Film Festival - curated by legendary metal frontman Philip Anselmo (DOWN, PANTERA) and best-selling true crime author Corey Mitchell - is scheduled to take place in Austin, Texas from October 24th - 27th at Emo's.

Organizers have issued the following update:

"Bad news, good news. First, the bad news. Unfortunately, SUFFOCATION will not be able to perform at the inaugural Housecore Horror Film Festival due to personal scheduling conflicts. The band is bummed and we are bummed, but we all understand that there are real-world priorities and we hope that we can bring Suffocation to HHFF in 2014.

Now, the good news. We are beyond happy to announce that Philip Anselmo's good friend Erik Rutan will be bringing in the brilliant death metal masters HATE ETERNAL to HHFF!!! Philip and Erik go back to their days when Philip brought out Erik and Morbid Angel out on a US tour with Pantera, SLAYER, and MOTÖRHEAD.

Rutan said of the two tours he did with Pantera, "We toured together for 16 weeks. Those 16 weeks were life changing for me in so many ways. Being a guy who has just been content touring and recording records all these years, to have the opportunity to play arenas with one of the biggest and best metal bands out there was overwhelming, for I never thought that opportunity would ever happen yet it did. It changed my life forever."

Hate Eternal has released several genre-defining death metal albums such as Conquering The Throne, King Of All Kings, and Phoenix Among The Ashes. Rutan also has a successful career as a highly sought-after producer and has worked with such top acts as CANNIBAL CORPSE, HHFF's own GOATWHORE, SOILENT GREEN, MADBALL, AGNOSTIC FRONT, VITAL REMAINS, NILE, KRISIUN, DEVOURMENT, and many more.

We are sorry that Suffocation cannot make it, however, we are ecstatic to have Hate Eternal come on board HHFF."

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    July 10, 2013

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