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SOCIETY 1 Releases Video For "Lifeless"

Society 1 (2013) Society 1 released a new a video today entitled 'Lifeless' directed by vocalist Matt 'The Lord' Zane and Noah Raskin. Lifeless is the first complete track made available from the recently recorded EP Screams Of Sadist that was produced by Raymond Herrera with mixing and mastering done by Logan Mader. Society 1 wanted to release the video prior to securing a means of distribution in order to showcase the bands current line up and sound.

"Of course we could just record and release albums on our own, do small tours, basically just make it a DIY situation but after being back in the game for the past year it seems that it would a better decision to try and sign with some type of label that has a few more resources than we do at our immediate disposal. It seems video's are a great way to gain interest these days because it is so easy to reach so many people. I've even know a few new artists acquire deals directly from their Youtube views before even playing a show." said Zane

With the bands decision to create and release a video the question came down to which track from the EP should be used to represent where Society 1 stood musically and visually after all these years.

"I think Lifeless may be my favorite song I've ever written. The music and lyrics just seem to encapsulate everything I am for good or for bad. I'm really proud of that track. As far as the video I knew it had to be a lot of performance because people would be curious about what we look like now. Good news is none of us are fat and I'm not bald. Dirt Von Karloff, our bassist is actually in better shape."

The video also features actress, model and nutritionist Cambria Gonzalez playing the role of what seems to be a dead or shock victim placed on a couch in a questionable position.

"If you listen to the lyrics you'll get it but in case you can't understand me I say 'Death hides inside sex…' She is basically playing a girl who was fucked to death but that girl also represents aspects of my own innocence, health and spirit. These things that make us human or alive are just dead, taken away through excessive, violent and perverse sex. That's why I'm sitting next to her crying. It's my own death as well as hers. She is me and I finally realize it."

Check out the video here.

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    June 17, 2013

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