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Dave Lombardo Comments On News Of Slayer Moving On Without Him

Slayer (2006) Slayer announced yesterday that they had a new full-time drummer, Paul Bostaph. This put to an end all the speculation on whether Lombardo would be returning or not. Seeing that Jeff Hanneman was the guy that convinced Kerry and Tom to bring Dave back, it became apparent that Dave had no more friends in the band following Jeff's death earlier this month.

Following the news, Dave tweeted his reaction "And...There you have it folks!"

That was it. Many fans tweeted their thoughts to Dave and it was interesting to see some of the ones he re-tweeted:

"assuming there's more to this story not being told, but raise hell Dave w/ Fantomas and Philm \m/ \m/"

"Slayer aren't Slayer without you and Jeff. Will be looking out for Fantomas and PHILM, best of luck mate \m/"

"THAT SHIT IS FUCKED. Fuckin Kerry will never get a dime more of my money. Stay Metal Dave we love you \m/"

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    May 31, 2013

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