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Steel Panther Discuss Tour Bus Rules

Steel Panther (2012) The Gauntlet caught up with Steel Panther frontman, Michael Starr, yesterday to see how the band was coping with its' first U.S. tour. The band has been tearing shit up on the east coast for the last two weeks.

Michael Starr took the time to explain a couple of the tour bus rules.

We Don't Wait For Pussy
"When you hear them say 'bus call in 15 minutes,' it is time to go. It doesn't matter if you are with a chick. You need to finish up and get on the bus to go to the next town. Between the band we have a rule, we don't wait for pussy. You need to knock it out and get it done. This all started because of me as I have such high standards. They are high standards to me but they might be low to you. I am really into the trailer park looking girl."

Don't Shit In The Bus Bathroom
"When it comes to shitting on the bus, no-can-do. We do bus bombs. Take a bag and put it over the toilet, take a shit, close it up and through it out the back of the bus. It works really good."

Be sure to catch Steel Panther on the road, tour dates are below. Also check out our interview with the band here.

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    April 25, 2013

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