Thieving Band Evil Army Post And Remove Statement On Theft Incident

Yesterday, The Gauntlet brought you a story about a band that borrowed another band's bass gear and then split town with it. Another band alerted its' fans to be on the lookout for the gear and the band was caught red-handed with the stolen gear. The thieving band turned out to be non other than Memphis, TN natives Evil Army.

Today they decided to attempt to put it all behind them by posting the following on facebook (screencap)

"OK, I was entertained enough for two days now...

"As far as I'm informed, people who -REALLY- had been involved, straightened up the situation. So all you kids should stop jump on the bandwagon?

"Go and fight your childish "war" somewhere else...But not on my page prick ;)"

Turns out metal fans didn't like being called children and were hoping for some sort of apology in the matter. It wasn't long after the post that comments began flooding in calling Evil Army out that they deleted the post from facebook.

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Date: Apr 17, 2013
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