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Sadistic Ritual Catches Evil Army "Red Handed Stealing Bass Gear"

(Fight) We all hear stories of bands having their gear stolen while on the road. Last night is was Jeff Loomis that lost a van full of merch and gear. I've always wondered if these things were inside jobs. Most clubs have pretty decent security for people trying to get backstage. Usually the only people back there are bands and others working which gives them the perfect opportunity to take some gear from another band. But you would have to be a major asshole to do something like that to another band member.

We might have found a band that is just full of assholes. They are called Evil Army and based in Memphis, TN. At a gig on Friday in Birmingham, AL they performed a show with Atlanta, GA natives Sadistic Ritual. Local metal fan Inruinscrust states "Prior to the Birmingham show, they played Atlanta, where they borrowed the gear. After Evil Army left, the Sadistic Ritual bassist saw that his gear was gone. Word quickly spread to Birmingham, and the good people there saw that they [Evil Army] were using the exact gear that was missing. The Birmingham scene took action and confronted Evil Army, who denied everything, when it was clear that they were borrowing gear in nearly every city and that this exactly matched the description of what was taken. The situation got nasty and Evil Army got the shit kicked out of them."

Nate from the band Disfigurement adds that Evil Army "were playing a show here in Atlanta, and actually borrowed our(Disfigurement's) bass gear, because they "Had no more room for bass gear in their van." Basically, there was no mix-up or they just "accidentally took it," because it wasn't even the amp they were using. They must have just seen the head in the gear room and walked off with it."

Evil Army has been silent on the issue, probably tending to their wounds. The guys in Sadistic Ritual stated earlier today via facebook "This past Friday we played with a band called Evil Army, a band who we thought has been around for a while and deemed respectable. Wrong. We caught them red handed stealing our bass gear (Hails to our friends in Birmingham for kicking their ass and retrieving out gear a whole state away) Fuck these low life pieces of shit and their stupid band. Tonight we celebrate the strength in the metal community, come out to 529 tonight to see us and some of the best locals Atlanta has to offer!"

Evil Army, we are awaiting your explanation to how the gear ended up in your bassists hand. Feel free to contact us (info at bottom of page) below. Until then, check out Sadistic Ritual at

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    April 16, 2013

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