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SUFFOCATION's Derek Boyer Discusses Vocalists Stand-Up Comedy Prospects

Suffocation (2012) In a recent interview with Suffocation bassist Derek Boyer, The Gauntlet asked if vocalist Frank Mullen has a future in stand-up comedy. Derek stated "He is insane! Just take a look at his 70,000 Tons "Somewhere Over The Rainbow." He is a nut. He is so fun to be around. He is funny as fuck the next day after being lit. I can't think of anybody funnier. He is seriously pissed off on stage and then he will just say something totally off the wall. Frank is fucking awesome."

Derek went on to say "My guitar tech Oscar thinks we need to put Frank on a comedy tour, you know one of those B-rate comedy shows. I think we are going to get him nice and lit up and put him on one of those improv stages. He will just rip on marriage for an hour.

"He has some funny moments on the limited edition DVD for the new album. He is reading the lyrics for the first time in the studio with the headphones on and he's going 'WHAT THE FUCK IS A DICHOTOMY.' He is going crazy. He was reading the lyrics like Will Farrell from Anchorman. He's putting question marks in places they don't belong. It is hilarious, people will love the DVD that comes with the limited edition packaging."

Suffocation will release "Pinnacle of Bedlam" Feb 19 via Nuclear Blast Records.

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    January 30, 2013

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